What can VideoTimestamps do for you?

What can VideoTimestamps do for you?

Watching videos on Youtube is great, right? But what about when you see something interesting and make a mental note that this is a video that you would like to watch again? And you want to watch it again especially because of some certain bits of the video that are relevant for you. Making a mental note is not enough, the human mind is usually fallible and prone to forgetting. Liking the video is not enough, when you already have hundreds or more of liked videos there is a lot of endless scrolling waiting for you until you find that one video you are looking for. Creating a playlist and saving the video to the playlist yes, it's a good idea and this short and useful action can help you to retrieve easier that elusive video. Saving and organizing your favorite videos in playlists is a smart idea but this solution is still not good enough because you still need to do another type of "scrolling" now: timeline scrolling. Simply put, timeline scrolling happens when you hover the mouse cursor over the Youtube video timeline hopping to find a familiar image in that thumbnail image that appears above the cursor. Maybe, with a bit of luck, that familiar image turns out to be part of the video section that you are looking for!

Bookmarks for videos

Well, luckily enough, you don't need anymore to take mental notes, to frantically search in the liked videos list, to vertically scroll or to horizontally scroll over the timeline. You can now save your favorite video sections with pinpoint accuracy and easily come back to see them as many times as you wish because this is what VideoTimestamps does: it allows you to save those valuable bits of information. Your data is saved in the cloud and thus accessible from any Chrome-based browser - because this is what VideoTimestamps is: a Chrome browser extension. You will need to register and create a new account though! This can be easily done by installing the browser extension and opening it, a registration form will appear for the new user.

Find and discover

To make this process even easier, VideoTimestamps also has the "Find videotimestamps for this video" feature which lets you find timestamps created by other users for a particular video. Who knows, maybe there is a user thinking just like you and likes the same things as you do, you just have to discover this persons' findings! Speaking of discovery and discoveries, VideoTimestamps also has another feature that lets you find timestamps. Actually, lets scratch the word feature because it's not a feature it's something more. It's a search engine. A search engine that lets you find videos with video timestamps, all you have to do is to search after your desired keyword or by a tag and if that keyword appears in the video title or in a video timestamp than voila, you have a list with videos and their timestamps to watch and to enjoy. The search engine's functionality can be accessed from the main VideoTimestamps website but from the browser extension as well.

Sharing is caring

Sharing is caring and if you feel like sharing your favorite videos for others to see and enjoy as well you always have the option to easily create timestamps for them and to easily share the timestamps using the "Copy to Clipboard" feature and to post them in the comments section or even in the video description if you are the creator of the video. Of course, you can make your timestamps discoverable within the VideoTimestamps search engine and to the whole world through it by simply creating them.

Help us help you

The browser extension and the search engine came as a solution to a need that we had and this solution is work in progress so if you have ideas on how we can improve and make things better we are more than happy to listen! Your feedback is valuable for us and helps us build a better product. You can contact us via email or on social media:




Happy timestamping!